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...but you should consider changing the "zZZzz" sound.
Also the replay frame / button isn't working correctly.

3/5 - short but kinda funny.


I laughed my ass off.
That guy is so funny.
And hell, best part about it: It is the truth!

The flash made it even funnier.
Keep up the good work.


Amazing FX, but... what did the poor dragon do to the mage? =/

Would be cool, if you did it kinda like an oldschool RPG.
That is, choose 1 out of various skills followed by a nice animation.

But I guess I'am asking for too much here =).

Oh, and nice menu.
I like the idea of being able to turn down the volume.

ntttoon responds:

"what did the poor dragon do to the mage?" - Everyone said that to me. Well, this movie just desmontrate how a great magic performs^^.

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Nuff said.


This game is fun.. but only for the first 10 minutes.
After that the game gets repetetive and boring.

Also there is a annoying bug (maybe its a feature?):
Wave 13 is where i died... the enemies started to come from both sides, 1 of them hit me from the back, then the one on the other side kicked me back... and so forth.

What I am missing are items and boss monster!
Add these and this game might be even more fun.

3/5 =)


I didn't get very far, due to lacking support for "qwertz" keyboards.
I was unable to input the emoticons.
Despite that its a good game.


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It feels like you get worse after every track.

Mixwise this track is a downfall, its clipping, the melo is too loud, the kick is barely audible and you boosted / cut the wrong frequencies of the melo making it sound unnatural.

Compared to Ending Days this is a piece of shit.

I hope I didn't offend you with my review, but this is my real opinion and the very first thoughts I had about this tune.
Take it as constructive criticism.

Just try to mix your tracks like Ending Days and you have a good sound!


unrealdark responds:

I'll try man, I am getting horribly lazy got no new ideas to work with.
Mixing wise I know, this is wack I left it raw, same excuse I am lazy.

I really need a collab to refresh my mind.


The first thing I noted, was that the bass doesn't quite fit the track.
I'm not that deep into HandsUp production, but maybe add some distortion to add some mid and high-end frequencies.

Also the transition at 0:45 is kinda abrupt.
The vocals sound dry and unprocessed.

Other than that, very nice.
I really like the Lead and the melodies.


4.34 / 5.00 (- 0.024)

Lithorph responds:

Well thank you for your review dude.
The bass is a pitchbass, very typhical for this kind of music, but i added a "basshelper" to make it more distorted, it usually squeeks more.
I also added a chord progression that is supposed to fill out the off-beat part of the song, maybe i added to much seperation to that part.
The transition is dry.
The piano i added could fit the vocals a little better.
But i like the cleanness of my vocal, to then later be followed by an "autotuned" part to fill it out more.
But ill improve and my next song will be better :P

Keep it up

I like the very beginning of this track.
The buildup is well made, but you should try to add some more reverb to the screech.
The vocals themself fit to the atmosphere but they aren't well made FX wise.
Mix wise the track is okay, the vocals are bit too weak tho.

The mainpart is okayish, the melody is nice, but theres this very high played lead in the background which is annoying.

The kick in the buildup does fit.. but it lacks a lot of energy.
So does the kick in the mainpart.


3.97 / 5.00 (- 0.24)

weemeee responds:

Yeah there's still alot i need to do, but seemingly as my computer died last week i'm afraid i will not be able to finish what i started.
Oh well, shit happens i suppose.
Thanks for the Review ;)


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