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...but you should consider changing the "zZZzz" sound.
Also the replay frame / button isn't working correctly.

3/5 - short but kinda funny.


I laughed my ass off.
That guy is so funny.
And hell, best part about it: It is the truth!

The flash made it even funnier.
Keep up the good work.


Amazing FX, but... what did the poor dragon do to the mage? =/

Would be cool, if you did it kinda like an oldschool RPG.
That is, choose 1 out of various skills followed by a nice animation.

But I guess I'am asking for too much here =).

Oh, and nice menu.
I like the idea of being able to turn down the volume.

ntttoon responds:

"what did the poor dragon do to the mage?" - Everyone said that to me. Well, this movie just desmontrate how a great magic performs^^.

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Nuff said.


This game is fun.. but only for the first 10 minutes.
After that the game gets repetetive and boring.

Also there is a annoying bug (maybe its a feature?):
Wave 13 is where i died... the enemies started to come from both sides, 1 of them hit me from the back, then the one on the other side kicked me back... and so forth.

What I am missing are items and boss monster!
Add these and this game might be even more fun.

3/5 =)


I didn't get very far, due to lacking support for "qwertz" keyboards.
I was unable to input the emoticons.
Despite that its a good game.


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I'd never play this on the dancefloor...

It is quite a catchy melody I must say, but it's way too much.
There's like 5 minutes of melody only and 1 minute with the kick or other drums playing.

The track needs less breaks and more action!

Even if you were going for a melody based track... the listener will get bored of it, even of a really nice melody, which is a waste.

Last but not least the mix could need some work.
- Drums are too loud
- Squeaky sawish lead could need some more lowish mids.
- Maybe add some delay / reverb? Sounds a tad dry (Especially 2:52 - 3:20)

Hope this helps.


It feels like you get worse after every track.

Mixwise this track is a downfall, its clipping, the melo is too loud, the kick is barely audible and you boosted / cut the wrong frequencies of the melo making it sound unnatural.

Compared to Ending Days this is a piece of shit.

I hope I didn't offend you with my review, but this is my real opinion and the very first thoughts I had about this tune.
Take it as constructive criticism.

Just try to mix your tracks like Ending Days and you have a good sound!


unrealdark responds:

I'll try man, I am getting horribly lazy got no new ideas to work with.
Mixing wise I know, this is wack I left it raw, same excuse I am lazy.

I really need a collab to refresh my mind.


The first thing I noted, was that the bass doesn't quite fit the track.
I'm not that deep into HandsUp production, but maybe add some distortion to add some mid and high-end frequencies.

Also the transition at 0:45 is kinda abrupt.
The vocals sound dry and unprocessed.

Other than that, very nice.
I really like the Lead and the melodies.


4.34 / 5.00 (- 0.024)

Lithorph responds:

Well thank you for your review dude.
The bass is a pitchbass, very typhical for this kind of music, but i added a "basshelper" to make it more distorted, it usually squeeks more.
I also added a chord progression that is supposed to fill out the off-beat part of the song, maybe i added to much seperation to that part.
The transition is dry.
The piano i added could fit the vocals a little better.
But i like the cleanness of my vocal, to then later be followed by an "autotuned" part to fill it out more.
But ill improve and my next song will be better :P


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